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Buying Real Estate

Saturday, April 2, 2011 @ 05:04 AM
posted by Jonathan Abbinante

Buying Las Vegas Real Estate with Jonathan Abbinante Broker Realtor®

I offer buyers direct buyer broker representation during the entire process of the sale. I have been representing home buyers in the Greater Las Vegas valley since 1997 To this day I believe in the quality of the sale, every sale. Let me share with you what I see my competition doing in the Las Vegas real estate market.

 *The assistant ran office*

The agent hides behind an assistant to all party’s involved in the sale. When a buyer calls on his agent and speaks to an assistant , his questions are answered and negotiated by the assistant during that call. That buyer has a lack of direct communication with this agent via emails or phone calls and his messages are not being returned in a timely fashion.

But when there is a response,, there’s the assistant in responding to the buyers phone or email box. Listing agents are now negotiating with this buyers agents non licensed assistant or simply no real sales experience and the deal is going bad due to this lack of agent presence during any stage of the deal.

Paper work consistently botched! by an assistant who writes up the verbiage for the agent to sign,, the buyers agent doesn’t bother reading it , forwards it to  his client for signature and has to repeat this process a few times because it continuously is botched and rejected by the other party over and over again. Frustrating the deal.  

*That agent doesn’t know how to work with the other kids on the block.*
I have seen it all,, bad agents bad attitudes,, an agents poor behavior to other agents they negotiate on a buyers behalf and blowing the deal for them! Agents more interested in boosting there self-esteem off the other agent while in negotiations with them,, oh bad end result for the buyer.
“No one can get a hold of that agent”

There they go again blow-in deals for buyers!  Example, an agent is not following up for there buyer. A buyer made an offer on a home and maybe a couple other agents on the same home as well. An offer was submitted but the agent is not working that offer, working directly with the other agent negotiating and closing a deal.

At best the buyer is lucky that there agents assistant will make a call to the listing agent only to verify offer received. Buyers need to be kept informed during those most sensitive moments on the hour at times. .A good buyers broker must make himself available to capture and close a deal on a buyers behalf ,Or another agent will produce that sale for there client.

An agents absence may cost the buyer the loss of that property. If the home is nice enough , more than likely nice enough for a few more folks. Multiple offers are now present and the agent cant be found!  Some agents  are working 9-5 M-F , even if they made an offer on Fri they may wait until Mon for a follow up..  The real broker closers are available  7 days a week and answer there phone!

*The availability of the agent is lousy*

Oh how they spread themselves so thin!  sure they sell a lot of real estate,, but there is no quality in the actual sale at all. Availability is key and crucial especially when an offer is drawn up on a buyers behalf! Buying the right home takes the right attention given to you the buyer. Also your agent must be on top of the mls daily to locate and negotiate on a timely manner to produce the right results.

“Its Neglect I say”

There are many things to say regarding this, bottom line is if your agent doesn’t have the passion to work one on one with you during the entire process of the sale why would you hire them?  These types of sales agents tend to screw up the entire deal one way or the other with there lack of attention and presence in the sale/escrow and there due diligence to you!


and they tend to pay,, many agents will sell buyers on paying there broker fees! look at your contract, this fee will also be explained in a separate disclosure and on the HUD 1 from escrow.. And its simply another blow to the buyers wallet!  ROCKIN THE HOUSE doesn’t charge broker fee’s..

*Buying a new home? Caution*

• Rockin The House Will review all seller contracts before you have to sign and i will expose all “red flags” or underhanded small print written in to them.

• Rockin The House Will help you obtain the best possible financing for your new Las Vegas home or Condo. Very often new home developers offer a financial incentive between $500 and $5,000 if you will use “their” lender. For a new buyer this looks very tempting as it is less hassle. But a lot of these deals are only good on the surface. Depending on how high the interest rate charged is  and other “nefarious fees” they put into the loan, this may or may not be lower than what you may find elsewhere. we will help you get the best deal with great interest rates and low fees!

• Rockin The House Will assist you in the selection of your lot. Location, Location, Location I am sure you have heard this so many times before. But location is vital for best equity growth and we know exactly how to choose the best lots and the best lot locations for the greatest equity appreciation!.

• Rockin The House Will recommend top professional home inspectors that will check out the complete structure of your new home of Condo before we close escrow, Rockin The House  Will be there for you to do your final walk-through with the developer. We know what is high quality workmanship and what is definitely not acceptable workmanship. We will make sure your new Las Vegas Real Estate is of the BEST quality and workmanship!

• Rockin The House Will save you lots of time and stress. Our comprehensive database of all new homes condos and real estate in the Las Vegas area  with their floor plans! Will eliminate unwanted features and problems without driving all over the valley!

Rockin The House Gives you all this help for free! remember that the developers, by law may not and cannot sell the home any cheaper to you if you go directly to them. In a lot of cases they will up the charges thinking you to be green and naive!

Remember that if you go to a new home builder developer without quality broker representation you may find yourself out of pocket and very stressed due to appraisal conditions and stipulations your broker would have viewed and protected you. You were not explained these things by the sales agent. Also if you do go directly to the developer and run into trouble they may refuse to allow you to bring back your own realtor later. So resist that urge to jump into the Las Vegas Real Estate market without quality broker sales representative.

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