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Buying Real Estate

Friday, May 5, 2017 @ 05:05 AM
posted by Jonathan Abbinante

Buying Las Vegas Real Estate with Jonathan Abbinante Realtor® Broker Owner.

ROCKIN THE HOUSE realty offers buyers direct broker representation during the entire process of the sale. I have been representing home buyers in the Greater Las Vegas valley since 1997 and to this day I believe in the quality of the sale, every sale. Not volume of sales. No broker fee’s of any kind to buyers. Offering a higher ratio of accepted offers in multiple offer case scenarios.


*Buying a new home? Caution*

• Rockin The House Will review all seller contracts before you sign and will expose all “red flags” or underhanded small print written into them. There are no appraisal contingency’s with the majority of new home sales. That alone will cost you tremendously if you go into contract without understanding that condition.

• Rockin The House Will recommend the best possible financing for your new Las Vegas home or Condo. Very often new home developers offer a financial incentive between $500 and $5,000 or closing costs if you will use “their” lender. For a new buyer this looks very tempting as it is less hassle. But a lot of these deals are only good on the surface. Depending on how high the interest rate charged is and other “nefarious fees” they put into the loan, this may or may not be lower than what you may find elsewhere. we will help you get the best deal with great interest rates and low fees!

• Rockin The House Will assist you in the selection of your lot. Location, Location, Location I am sure you have heard this so many times before. But location is vital for best equity growth and we know exactly how to choose the best lots and the best lot locations for the greatest equity appreciation!.

• Rockin The House Will recommend top professional home inspectors that will check out the complete structure of your new home of Condo before we close escrow, Rockin The House  Will be there for you during the inpections and your final walk-through with the developer.

• Rockin The House Will save you lots of time and stress. Our comprehensive database of all new homes, condos and real estate in the Las Vegas area with their floor plans! Will eliminate unwanted features and problems without driving all over the valley!

Rockin The House Gives you all this help for free!

Remember that if you go to a new homes builder-developer without quality broker representation you may find yourself out of pocket and very stressed due to appraisal conditions and stipulations your broker would have spotted for you prior. You have no broker representation of your own when direclty buying a new home, so resist that urge to jump into the Las Vegas Real Estate market without quality broker sales representation.

BBB Rockin The House   ABR. Designation Rockin The House   SRS Rockin The House  Realtor MLS Broker Las Vegas FAIR HOUSING

 ROCKIN THE HOUSE 2780 S. Jones Blvd. Ste. 210 Las Vegas NV 89146


Friday, May 5, 2017 @ 04:05 AM
posted by Jonathan Abbinante

 A Quality Las Vegas Realty Broker

No matter if you’re a Las Vegas home-buyer or seller, it’s important to find and take advantage of quality, professional, honest and reliable representation in the greater Las Vegas Real Estate market. If you’re a first time or seasoned home-buyer, Investor or property speculator, low or high-end, informed quality representation is key in Las Vegas!

When buying or selling Las Vegas Real Estate with ROCKIN THE HOUSE, you are assured of the Highest standard of professional honest representation always!

Working directly with you during the entire process brings you closer to helping you find and achieve your dream home or investment in no time at all. Rockin The House handles Property Management

I am available to represent you’re best interests seven days a week to help you with your real estate needs and requirements so if at anytime you need assistance, i will be there to guide and answer your questions and concerns. For buying or selling Greater Las Vegas Real Estate, choose ROCKIN THE HOUSE realty.

Buyers: If you would like to Purchase a home or condo in Las Vegas or Henderson I will show you the best quality homes in the highest appreciating areas of your budget. You’re assured of the best deal at the same time you will also be entertained by the experience and difference of a unique professional Realtor. I create results fast so that you can purchase and move into your new Las Vegas home as soon as possible!! No broker fee’s of an kind to buyers at ROCKIN THE HOUSE realty.

Sellers: If you’re looking to sell your home in Las Vegas or Henderson  I know the current market of your home, condo or Real Estate. I will produce top dollars – and a solid escrow. I understand that your property is your investment and that you want the best deal and top dollars for it!

Investors: Looking for property investments in the Las Vegas area? Not only will I find you the right profitable Investment, but as a full service Realtor, I have  property management skills for you that will accommodate any of your requirements. Offering a high ratio of excepted offers in multiple offer situations. I have been producing the best priced per sqft  homes, Condos, land for my clients for over 20 years. With many now becoming full time investors in the real estate market with my guidance and help. My clients return time and time again because they know in Las Vegas I’m the number one Realtor producing TOP DOLLAR EQUITY ( $ ) properties at the right price!



BBB Rockin The House   ABR. Designation Rockin The House   SRS Rockin The House  Realtor MLS Broker Las Vegas FAIR HOUSING

 ROCKIN THE HOUSE 2780 S. Jones Blvd. Ste. 210 Las Vegas NV 89146

First time home buyers Las Vegas Nevada

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 09:03 AM
posted by Jonathan Abbinante


Buying a home for the first time in Greater Las Vegas

valley will become a very difficult and burdensome experience if the buyer is not using an experienced seasoned
Realtor. First time buyers tend to do things on there own, with an attitude that they can figure things out as they
go along. The problem is there going to experience the pain and anxiety that could have been easily avoided
by talking to and working One on One with

Jonathan Abbinante Las Vegas Realtor

There are many factors in the buying process that are simply not weighed into consideration by the first time
buyer. With the easy online mobile access of today, buyers are simply driving around and looking at for sale
signs. They may feel total control by simply calling on those for sale signs and asking simple questions but
never the right questions.

First time home buyers don’t understand right off bat there are multiple stages of the home buying process.
They also don’t understand that as soon as they cross the threshold of the home, with whatever agent
of the listing team, there representation is now in the sellers hands. And with that said , the multiple stages
of the sale are now always in the advantage of the seller.

Free Buyer broker representation,

the greater Las Vegas real estate market today is much to complex
for any buyer to simply put there trust in the sellers better interests when buying a home. First time buyers
need to understand there is a better way to buy a home and minimize mistakes that can be easily avoided
with Broker representation. Contact me for the best One on One first time buyers experience to be had!



Las Vegas Auction homes sales broker

Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 09:12 PM
posted by Jonathan Abbinante


Jonathan Abbinante Broker Salesperson represents buyers for online auction Homes sales for the greater Las Vegas area.

Auction buying is risky by far without the free help of Realtor buyer representation. Homes sold via auction are not always offering a due diligence period. It would be in a buyers favor to have a broker helping them in the online Las Vegas auction market. Online real estate auction  purchasing is a great way to jump on a deal quick, doing it right the first time with free of charge realtor representation is best.


Having a Realtor/broker represent a buyer in an online auction has many benefits such as,


1# Visiting the home prior to your offer for a quick preview of the overall condition of the home is beneficial.


2# Sending the buyer market comps found in the same subdivision of the subject home your bidding on, to help with your understanding of value and final bid.


3# Representing the buyers purchase and maintain and demand an ethical sales transaction when need be.


4# Preparing all the necessary disclosures and addendum’s and sending them to you via docusign electronic signature for your convenience.


5# Looking after the escrow to make sure all party’s are preforming there duties to successfully close the escrow


There are many bank owned r.e.o foreclosures, fha, va, repos online auctions available for the Greater Las Vegas valley.

Knowing where to invest and producing the best price per sqft. Contact me for the best deals and online auction websites. Real Estate deals with solid representation is my Job.I also handle property management for the investor.